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In the pursuit of achieving its basic goal being promotion of
international law at a global level and with an aim to bring together
the colossal legal knowledge in the world under one roof SPIL, Mumbai
organizes “The Government Law College International Law Summit”
The Government Law College International Law Summit is a forum where
the legal minds from the various fields of law and from different
parts of the world will explore the ocean of thoughts and ideas on
different legal issues while speaking out their minds. At this Summit
one will not only be able to share his experience and knowledge with
the world and the global legal community but will also be exposed to
the issues faced and enlightened by the solutions developed by his
counterparts from the various corners of the world. Here the global
legal community will be able to analyze the various aspects of India’s
domestic law with a realm of international law around it. This summit
will not only help enrich one’s understanding of various international
legal regimes but also enable him to witness the implicit link between
the Indian domestic legal scenario and international law.

The Summit has been designed to suit the interest of every individual
belonging to the legal community right from a law student up to a law
firm. It is also designed for the benefits of students and
professionals belonging to various other professions who deal with
legal issues in their day to day work. It provides to be an
appropriate forum to facilitate healthy interactions between foreign
firms, domestic firms, corporate houses, students and various legal
luminaries from all over the world.


The Government Law College International Law Summit, 2010 is spread
over a period of four days. Each day consists of a specific theme
attached to it. The theme and the relevant dates as follows:

1. 4th February, 2010: International Trade Law, International Taxation
and Intellectual Property Rights

2. 5th February, 2010: Securities, Derivative and Investment Laws

3. 6th February, 2010: Shipping Laws, Aviation Laws and International

4. 7th February, 2010: Criminal Law, Human Rights, Environmental Law
and CSR.
The Summit for the first three days will commence with a legal
luminary setting the theme of the day by delivering a key note speech.
It will be followed by four presentations on the topics related to the
theme by international and national law firms who will by sharing
their practical knowledge in the field throw light on the varied
aspects such as the confluence of domestic and international law,
practice and procedures followed by national and international forums,
steps to be taken so as to pursue a particular field as a career, etc.
This will be followed by 2 paper presentations by participating
authors on issues related to the theme of the day. Finally the day
will fold with a panel discussion which will comprise of 5
participating authors as panelists.

The final day will commence with an opening speech on the confluence
of Human Rights Criminal Law and Environmental Law with the
convergence of domestic and international law. It will be followed by
presentation on corporate social responsibility by CSR consultancies
experts. The day will then see a working session for formulation of a
CSR Policy by 5 selected drafters. The day will conclude with a
closing ceremony along with a valedictory function.

The lunches, high teas and banquets will make one on one interaction
easier for the participating delegates, law firms, corporate houses
and legal luminaries with each other.
The Summit will also be webcasted live to Government Law College from
the venue where it will be witnessed by the students and learned
professors of the college who fail to make it to the conference. It
will also be shown at various other locations as chosen by the

Thus the Government Law College International Law Summit, 2010
promises to be an appropriate forum to allow people from all parts of
the world to come under a single banner and share their legal


Day 1

Theme : International Trade Law, International Taxation and
Intellectual Property Rights.

Day 2

Theme : Securities, Derivative and Investment Laws

Day 3

Theme : Shipping Laws, Aviation Laws and International Arbitration.

Day 4

Theme : Criminal Law, Human Right, Environmental Law and Corporate
social responsibility.


Registration form available here

The International law summit is your unmatched option for education.
This grand-scale event offers 13 focused sessions addressing topics
important to business laws and niche industry specialization. The
conference provides opportunities for collaboration and networking, as
well as an environment that builds a sense of pride and unity. You’ll
value conversations that inspire you to think creatively in the
existing legal scenario and sessions that will help to answer the
questions you’re facing, workshops that provide new strategies for
success in the legal field.
Top notch lawyers will guide you as you attempt to sail smoothly
through uncharted waters. Peer connections in the legal fraternity
will prove invaluable as you share experiences and successful ideas.
Attending this conference will give you what you need to be successful
today and into the future.

Fee structure for students and faculty wishing to attend the summit

Government Law College, Mumbai


NO of Delegates 1 : Rs. 2000 INR

NO of Delegates 3: Rs 5000

NO of Delegates 5: Rs. 8000 (INR)

** Students/faculty wishing to attend the banquet will have to pay an
additional amount of Rs. 2000 (INR) / $40 (USD) each.
** The last date for registration for the Summit is 20th January, 2010
(subject to availability)
**Accommodation will not be provided to the delegates. For suggested
accommodations log on to
** No online registration is available for the delegates form must be
sent along with the fees.


Registration form available here


The Government Law College, International Law Summit, 2010 is not only
a platform for law firms and corporate houses to come forward and
express their views on various issues, but also an opportunity for
authors to present their papers to the legal community that has come
together from the world over.
The entries are open to all, studying at any level in India or abroad.
The two best authors in every category, as adjudged by an esteemed
panel, will be given an opportunity to present their papers at the
Summit. Participants must submit papers on one of the 9 topics
specified in the 3 categories. The paper must be a convergence of any
two topics mentioned in each category. It should necessarily discuss
the international scenario of the topics chosen by the author. The
author has the discretion to include the domestic scenario if he
wishes to do so. However, the author retains the freedom to interpret
and define the scope of the topics.
Papers must be the original work of the participants. Plagiarism will
invite immediate disqualification. Papers are invited on the following
broad topics, but contributors are free to identify and analyze the
specific questions involved. However, the topics must either be viewed
in light of international law or the confluence of international and
Indian domestic law. The word limit of the paper must not exceed 5000
words. (Excluding footnotes).


Catagory 1:

[Topic 1] International Trade Law
[Topic 2] International Taxation
[Topic 3] Intellectual Property Rights

Catagory 2 :

[Topic 4] Securities Laws
[Topic 5] Derivatives
[Topic 6] Investment Laws

Catagory 3 :

[Topic 7] Shipping Laws
[Topic 8] Aviation Laws
[Topic 9] International Arbitration

Two papers in each category will chosen and the authors will be given
a chance to make a Paper Presentation during the Summit on the day
under which their paper falls. Thus in total there will be six papers
selected for presentation.
Panel Discussion

The top five authors in every category, including the two chosen for
paper presentation, will be selected for the panel discussion of the
day. The panel discussion topics will be a confluence of the topics of
the paper, but not necessarily the topic of the author’s paper. The
topic, rules and invitations for the panel will be resealed after the
papers are shortlisted. Invitees should revert back within 48 hours as
to whether they would be interested in being part of the panel and
Paper presentation. Failure to do so or declining the aforementioned
invitation will entitle the next ranked author to be a part of the

Other specifications

A certificate from the Registrar/authorized officer of the
contributor’s University/ college, confirming that he/she is a bona
fide student of that University must accompany each paper.
Participants are requested to refer to the rule book provided by the
Summit for writing their papers.[link].

Four hard copies of each paper along with a summary (summary should be
a separate file) and a covering letter must be sent to PR Co-
ordinator, Nazaqat Lal, Students for the Promotion of International
Law, 23 Amber Apartments, Napean Sea road, Mumbai 400 006, post-marked
no later than the date mentioned below. A soft copy must also be sent
to along with a covering letter having details
of the author and his institution.

Registration fee for submission of papers

Registration form available here

Fee per paper :

India : Rs. 500

Mode of payment

All payments should be made in favour of Principal, Government Law
College, Mumbai, by demand draft, cheque or international demand


Last date for online registration for paper submission.15th November,
2009 (11.59 pm IST)

Last date for submission of paper. The registration fee must be sent
by this date.(Soft Copy and post mark date)10th December, 2009 (11.59
pm IST)

Announcement of results

1st January, 2010

**Copyrights of the papers submitted lie exclusively with SPIL Mumbai

For more details: log on to

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