Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Whether it is difficult to live in peace?

The idea of peace is something that is so close to our hearts that we want even the sound of it. It is almost like pronouncing the letters of the word alone has some magical power to captivate audiences and steer our attention away from the terrible reality of widespread hatred and violence. Forgetting that for a moment and imagining living in a state of tranquility just the way you would like to with nobody forcing us. But the current events seem endlessly full of atrocities toward mankind. This is not new however and as long as there is man and his ego there will be war and hatred.

Why the peace is so important to humanity? Where does this deep drive come from?
This is hopefully due to the fact that humanity needs freedom. Every human being suffers when it is oppressed and beat down made to do what someone else dictates to them. Dictatorships supporting totalitarian views with major control issues seem to always be in power everywhere you look for all eternity.


The freedom teaches us a profound lesson in life. Each of us seeks to be free in one way or another. This does not mean that rules are bad or harm us. To the contrary. We all have some kind of major identity problem struggling to keep ourselves satisfied. We struggle to live up to our own expectations and almost always we let ourselves down to some degree. If we gave ourselves the time to figure out what we really wanted and what is truly important to us in life. If we were able to look back at our accomplishments after all was said and done and recognize those that truly mattered most and made a difference. The world would be free. We would be free. Free from our own insufficiencies. Free from the manmade pitfalls we set ourselves up for in life on a regular basis. We would be at real peace. But unfortunately the idea of resting in peace is only expected after death. I say no! we must not rest in peace we must live in peace.

Dr.Tabrez Ahmad,
Associate Professor of Law,
KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, India,
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